Why not you? A lesson for fundraisers from Russell Wilson’s dad.

I was one of the 100 million people who watched the Super Bowl last weekend. I am not a football fan, but it was quite the event so I joined my husband on the couch. My big takeaway was hearing Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, talk about his dad, who used to inspire his son by saying, Why not you, Russell? The idea was that someone is going to get the top grade, Why not you? Someone is going to get the scholarship, Why not you? Someone’s going to be the quarterback for the team that wins the Super Bowl, Why not you?The Case for Support & Why not you?

Apply Mr. Wilson Sr.’s thinking to your cause and your case for support and the narrative sounds like this: Someone is going to get the big donation, Why not your organization? Someone is going to receive the grant, why not your organization? Someone is going to attract the volunteer leaders who have influence in your community, Why not you? Someone is going to develop that case for support that will lead the team to success, Why not you?

To clinch the winning trophy, or cheque, you need to communicate precisely (through your case for support) who you are,  what you are asking people to invest in, why your mission and vision matter, how the dollars will be allocated, and the difference their investment is going to make in the world. There are many ways to make a case for your case. One telling can be drab and boring. The same story/case, told from a different perspective can breathe, inspire and speak to the hearer. Finding the perspective that resonates is golden.  Don’t settle for drab and boring, keep searching for the narrative perspectives that will advance your cause toward your goals.

When you hear the voice of doubt telling you why you can’t attract the donors or develop the remarkable case for your cause, hush that voice and challenge it with, why not me?  

For more on the case for support visit:

Make a great case for your cause!

Febe Galvez-Voth

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