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How to talk so donors listen

One of the things I love about my work is seeing the sparkle in a client’s eyes when they talk about their work. I am thinking of one individual, in particular, who speaks with such passion about the connection she has with her donors. I can see that she derives real satisfaction from explaining the impact of a gift in ways that really gets through to the donor. The client I’m speaking of is a gifted fundraiser. She has intuition on her side. But that’s only part of it.Case for Support Blog_How to talk so donors listen

Talking so donors listen begins by listening, listening for what they value.

People give to advance the things they value. If a donor is looking to infuse his or her retirement years with purpose and meaning, a message about how a piece of medical equipment will reduce wait times will not resonate. The values are misaligned.

In the book The Realm of Rhetoric, Chaim Perelman (1912 – 1984), philosopher and rhetorician, identifies two kinds of values: Continue reading

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